ANDi – Next Generation Home Entertainment Center

ANDi - Next Generation Home Entertainment Center

ANDi – Next Generation Home Entertainment Center

Where are we at? Where have we been? Where are we going?

Since the introduction of the world wide web in 1991 we have continually moved forward as one, although to be able to achieve this at such a phenomenal rate, we have had to follow various and numerous paths; pulling within a hypnotic state so that we are all moving in the same direction, without actually realising it.

The internet, such a vast array of everything that we seek and need, will surely come to the front of each and everyone’s own desire in the end.

In the meantime, we continually seek to bring certain elements of our own entities to the forefront of our own online experiences.

For many, we have been able to use the capacity of streaming as a source of providing various entertainment factions for our own fulfilment whether it is for gaming, watch movies, listen to music or watch sporting events.

Until now, we have had to rely upon a variety of different sources to deliver us our required entertainment. But now ANDi is upon us!

ANDi is a device manufactured by Bluestacks Technology, backed by corporate magnets Samsung, Intel and Qualcomm, that plugs directly into your TV, transforming your viewing into a powerful digital home entertainment center.

An ANDi gives you the opportunity to stream directly to your TV, via wifi an array entertainment everyone uses.

ANDi - Free Movie CenterANDi is an All in One:

  • Free TV Centre
  • Free Movie Centre
  • Free Sports Centre

Watch & Listen

Watch On-Demand Movies, TV or Listen To Your Favourite Music

Endless Options

A Collection of Over 8,000 Free and Subscription Games To Choose From

Android Support

Your Android Phone or Tablet Can Be Used as Your Game Controller

4K HD Ready

Can Power Up To 4K HD with Quadcore Power

Gaming Engine

Includes Industry Leading Gaming Engine That’s Next-Gen Ready

Apple Users

Apple Users Can Use The Game Controller To Fully Enjoy ANDi

ANDi - Free Games CenterAn ANDi is completely mobile. Pop it in your pocket, purse or handbag. With ANDi, when you leave home your media can come with you, whether it’s to the office, a neighbours house or overseas for a vacation.

Stuck in a hotel room? Don’t pay ridiculous pay-per-view fees to watch a movie… all you need is a wireless internet connection and you’ll never have to go without – just plug in your ANDi and you’ll be watching anything you like in minutes!


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ANDi - Family Home Entertainment Center

ANDi can replace Cable TV, Netflix, iTunes, Xbox, Play Station.

ANDi Gives You a Simple, Fun Way to Make Money From Home!