The way in which this system works is that there are many companies online that don't want to use conventional marketing methods; they choose to use selective groups (like ours) to promote their products. They offer us products which are free, in return we write them a short report.

The membership fee for training and access to the sellers who will send you the products is only £25 per month and you can receive as many products as you wish. You will gain access to a Secret Facebook group where you will access the products available which require reports.

Our Promise To You

If for some outlandish reason you do not make at least £25 worth of free products in your 1st month, they will give you DOUBLE your money back, GUARANTEED!

However, if you want to start earning some extra money, why not recommend us to your friends and start earning when they join as well. For every friend you introduce you'll earn £10 per month (whilst they remain an active member) and £5 for evey member they introduce as well. EG. You introduce 3 members (3 X £10 = £30) and they each introduce 2 members each ( 6 X £5 = £30) = £60 extra for you every month. The more you introduce, the more money you can earn, on top of all the free products we will show you how to monetize.

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